Thursday, 16 October 2014

Information Gathering

Today, we gathered heaps of information to gather and to sort it out. We used our teachers survey results the most because we could trust that they did the survey properly. We entered the people who wanted to be in the every australian counts and we did a lot of talking about the presentation. We made an iMovie and we contacted the newspapers if we could write a little note to the public about the NDIs. Cant wait until the reply comes! This is our form of action we  think even if it doesnt get in the newspaper it is still a good try.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Exhibition Topic

So far in the Exhibition we have got our topics and Soma, Finn & Ethan are all doing NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) we have come up with multiple Questions and three lines of inquiry. We are looking at the ethics and what the government does to help people with disabilities. We have mapped a time line of stuff we have to do. We plan for on the holidays to call each other on Skype.and also we are going to do some individuals inquires while in the holidays because we are all away at different times. 

the reason I posted this late is because I saved instead of publishing it.

My Poster

Today for my Exhibition work Ethan created a poster on where all the NDIS trial sites are on a map of Australia I highlighted all the trial sites with the Google Maps pin.Then I printed out the Address with pasting them around the map of Australia with locations and what surprised at was that it didn't hit me until Ethan placed them on the map was how widely spread out the locations of each site is and there is no trial site in Queensland but two in the A.C.T. and one with in almost a two hour drive within each other. I worked on our researcher processes poster but Soma started to slap facts on a sheet for his poster but we didn't approve of it because one sheet that was meant to be landscape but he put it up portrait.

Ethan's Powtoons

Today for our technology part to show on the Exhibition Ethan has created a Powtoon on the NDIS to put on the big screen the presentation I plan to run from 1:30 min to 3 min I have chosen the music which is called The Fault in Our Stars. I have put in facts about the NDIS. Next time if I was to do this again I would change the time I spent on it and maybe change the music.

Homework poster

Today for homework I found some posters on google search and place them on Google Docs i'm thing of putting them up as a display with them all making up the words NDIS in our posters with some information. So far we have created a presentation plan for what we are doing over the next two weeks.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Our NDIS Interview

We had an itemview with a person from the NDIS i thinkIt went well but we could be much better.
These are them\/\/\/\/

How much insurance do you provide to different disabilities?Is there a classification for People with disabilities if so who does it?What is most peoples view on the NDIS?Do you support people with mental disabilities?Why do people disagree with the NDIS and what you do?How much insurance do you support people with different disabilities?What would happens after the we are eligible?How can people access the NDIS?Who is eligible?

One of the questions I was surprised with was that Autism is not a disability that counted. We recorded the whole thing on noteability. The interview went well but half of the questions he couldn't answer so we have to email him.

Is autism counted for in the NDIS?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Science Day

Today we had science day some people where doing making sherbet, strawberry DNA but I was doing a food battery. This science day was food of the future it was also the first one where year 6 was leading the activities.

For mine the food batteries we where looking at circuits and making them with different materials like lemons, batteries and LED lights we directed this with Mr Wyatt did a science experiment with year3 then year2 then year5w and 5E.

It was lots of fun.